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About the PTA

What we do for the school and our students.

PTA's main role for any school is to create and have fundraisers to help support the school, students, and staff.  We use the funds raised to help pay for supplies, programs, field trips, monetary donations to the school, and just about anything the school and student's need.  We also enlist volunteers to help us do this.

We also try create fun events, experiences, and memories.  We care about each and every one of our students.  Our goal is that each child has the best education possible but also having a great time while doing so.

2021-2022  Current Board Members:

Trudy Wilson - President 

______________? - Vice President

Danielle Johnson - Secretary

___________? - Financial Secretary

Martha Flores - Treasurer

Maricela Choque? - Membership

Nelly Gomez? - Historian

Maria Elena Garcia? - Events Coordinator

Yajhaira Cueva? - Events Coordinator

.... And more Positions are Available! Please Inquire.


Every year our PTA is in need of new members and especially now, this year.  We are asking any family members of a current student to please join.  We want everyone's voices to be heard.  Also it is important to hear the concerns of our community, and ideas of how we can help.  There are BENEFITS to Joining the PTA!! 

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